How to Set Up Your Mobile Satellite TV System Quickly And Accurately... Guaranteed!


Has Setting Up Your Caravan Satellite Dish Got You

Can't Remember Elevation from Azimuth?

Having trouble working out settings for your location?

Keep picking up the wrong satellite?

Can't get a picture no matter how hard you try?


My New Guide Caravan Satellite Dish Alignment - The Easy Way will have you setting up like a Pro.. FAST!  It will guide you step-by-step through the process and by the time you've finished reading, you'll have learnt...

The first step you must take to ensure a pain free setup - (miss this and you'll never get a picture!)
The 3 angles that must be set and the best order in which to set them
How to set the angles quickly and accurately
The Setup Tools you must have and the ones you should have
The 2 Tools you'll need that will guarantee a fast setup
The guaranteed way to pick up the right satellite... every time
A foolproof way to remember Elevation and Azimuth
The necessary Dish settings for all of Australia - 8 pages covering almost all towns in Australia
How to virtually guarantee you'll pick up the satellite... the first time
The #1 mistake most folks make setting up
How to get a picture fast, in the middle of nowhere
How to point your dish, even if you've lost your compass
The 2 most popular dish mounts and the one you probably should avoid (gives the most trouble)
The simple, inexpensive dish replacement parts you should get for a fast setup
The 5 preliminary steps you need to take and the best order to take them
How to 'Fine Tune' the system for a perfect picture
A complete 'Walk Through' setup, from arriving at camp to watching TV
The 'best' gear available and why you should get it
A little known way to use your 'Camps Australia Wide' book to get accurate dish settings.

Plus a handy Question and Answer Section that covers real problems
encountered by real people, and how they solved them.

A 'Must Have' Manual, Complete With Charts and Illustrations...



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